An experienced, highly sought-after media personality, and therapist to the stars, Vladimire Calixte is the epitome of your best girlfriend/therapist all rolled into one. A featured guest therapist on Starter Wives Confidential, a reality TV show that aired on TLC, Vladimire has also been a guest on Hot 97 FM's Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers discussing NFL Bullying.

Poised to discuss diverse and controversial topics about sex, dating, relationships, empowerment, and mental health issues, Vladimire is a licensed mental health specialist who effectively handles emotional and mental crises and provides engaging, thought-provoking commentaries on current trends related to celebrities and non-celebrities. Some of her celebrity expertise includes discussing the skyrocketing suicide rate among celebrities, the low self esteem epidemic among celebrities, cheating scandals, and more.

Vladimire Calixte has been featured in various media outlets including ABC's Here and Now with Sandra Bookman, Ebony Magazine, Bronze Magazine, Lumiere Magazine, Delux Magazine, Café Mocha Radio hosted by hip hop legend MC Lyte, comedienne and actress Loni Love and broadcast veteran Angelique Perrin, CentricTV (BET Networks), The Jennifer Keitt Show, and many others.

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Hot Topics

  • Polyamorous relationships (Why people are drawn to them, are they healthy for relationships)
  • Emotional affairs (Why they happen, the signs, and tips on getting your relationship back on track)
  • How to deal with an emotionally abusive or needy mate
  • How to increase your self-esteem in relationships with the opposite sex
  • How to increase self-esteem after a divorce or breakup
  • What to do when your mate suffers from low self-esteem and when to call it quits
  • PTSD in women-The top signs and how to regain control of your life
  • Is past sexual abuse ruining your sex life? Tips for releasing fear, anxiety in intimacy
  • How to stop reliving past physical or emotional abuse and choose happiness now
Sex & Dating
  • Is it ever ok to date your best friend's ex?
  • The fastest way to get over an ex and attract your soul mate
  • How to let go of emotional and sexual baggage from past relationships
  • Are you addicted to love? Tips on overcoming love addiction
  • Using affirmations to help heal sexual addictions
  • Are you addicted to a person? How "people addiction" happens and how to move on with your life

Featuring Vladimire

Bronze Magazine | May 2018

"My advice is to get to know who you really are. What is your narrative identity?"

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Bronze Magazine | March 2014

"When you come to know who you really are, it will change the way you live as well as the way you love."

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Heart and Soul Magazine | April/May 2015
Ebony logo
The State of the Black Family
Ebony Magazine | June 2014

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