Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships. Ever wonder why you continue to attract the same type of people into life?

I am super excited to share that the new edition of my #1 Amazon Best Seller and Readers’ Favorite Award Winning book NAKED AND TRANSPARENT, which was featured on The Quiet Storm with Lenny Green is now available on Amazon.

This new edition also contains a sneak peek of my next release "Are You In Love Or In Need? Seven Principles to Loving Soulfully."

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Praise for the Book

Naked and Transparent is an uplifting book that will guide readers on how to develop self awareness and let go of the pain, beliefs and insecurities that create a false sense of self. The book speaks about the distress that can happen in one's life due to non-acceptance and lack of self love.
– Mamta Madhavan (Readers' Favorite)

Naked and Transparent is a motivational self-help book written by Vladimire Calixte. The author guides her readers through a series of discussions and questions in this penetrating and interactive text. Calixte explains that becoming self-aware is essential for your well-being as well as for developing healthy relationships with the people in your life.
– Jack Magnus (Readers' Favorite)

Naked and Transparent is a very useful book for anyone who is interested in transforming negative thought patterns and reclaiming their sense of self worth and inner peace. Initially when I started reading this book, I assumed that it would deal predominantly with relationships. In fact, it deals predominantly with purging the negativity within and increasing one's own inner peace and positive energy.
– Nandita Keshavan (Readers' Favorite)

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The new edition of NAKED AND TRANSPARENT contains a sneak peek of the next release "Are You In Love Or In Need? Seven Principles to Loving Soulfully."

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